Family Involvement

Nativity CRIB

The acronym CRIB describes our families and school community…


Community, Relationships, Involvement and Belonging






The image of the nativity scene portrays the intention of every family, in conjunction with the school, working together to nurture our community. Nativity families being readily involved with community events and class activities leads to relationships naturally developing, bringing together a strong sense of belonging which is central to being a part of School of the Nativity. All families, by association with Nativity, belong to CRIB.


We encourage our parents to volunteer to become a member of the School Board and provide their talents or expertise to the decision process of School Board matters. We also appreciate the help of our parents as volunteers in our classrooms, library, canteen or as a Class Representative thus being a “go to” person when the teachers need volunteer help.


We welcome parent participation in:


· School Board


· Pedal Prix

· Canteen

· Classroom Support

· Sports Coaching

· Assemblies

· Class and School Masses

· Social Events

· Learning Assistance Programs

· Working Bees

· Sporting Activities

· Class Representatives

· Various Committees