Early Years

Starting School

Joining a new school is both exciting and daunting for the child as well as the parents! In order to provide a successful transition for your child from Kindergarten to Nativity, we have several processes in place to help both parents and children. 

Children beginning their Foundation Year (Reception) at Nativity, will have participated in the Little Stars Transition Program on Friday mornings, for two terms prior to starting school. During this time, they will have spent time each week in the Reception classroom with their teacher and classmates, participating in activities and familiarising themselves with class routines.

Reception class teachers also visit each child at their Kindergarten setting in the term prior to starting school. This enables class teachers to speak with and observe children in a familiar environment, and provides an opportunity to speak with the Kindergarten Director about each child. Much time is spent in the Early Years getting to know students, and teachers provide learning experiences which cater for the individual needs and interests of all children.

In addition, a parent orientation meeting is held at Nativity in your child’s last term of Kindergarten. This is to provide parents with information in regards to the learning program within the Reception class, general routines and ways parents can become involved in their child’s learning. It is also an opportunity for parents to raise any concerns or to have questions answered.


At Nativity we are very conscious of the importance of supporting both your child and your family as your share, learn and grow in the Nativity community. We work in partnership with families to support and encourage each individual student.


Visit our ‘Little Stars’ page to view more information about our transition program or visit our R-2 (Early Years) page to view more information about our Early Years classes and programs.