Learning Support

Students learn at different rates and present with different needs. At School of the Nativity we cater for individual differences, providing students with additional support as required. Support takes many forms including but not limited to, curriculum support staff, intervention programmes and learning accommodations.



In addition to our highly qualified teachers, Nativity employs four Education Support Officers who work with students to support them with their learning in the classroom.


Adaptive Education

Students with Special Needs can experience difficulties with maths, literacy, memory or language which may impact on them reaching their full potential. At School of the Nativity, we recognise that all students have specific strengths and weaknesses. Classroom teachers are skilled in the use of various strategies in teaching and assessment to accommodate the diverse learning needs of our students.

Teachers also work together with families to negotiate and implement an individualised learning program, building on each student’s strengths where appropriate



QuickSmart is a theory-based mathematics intervention programme designed specifically for students in years 5, 6 and 7.


QuickSmart enhances students' numeracy fluency by improving their information retrieval times. Individually designed intervention programs are developed and implemented as part of a QuickSmart programme in order to strengthen students' recall of number facts and basic computation. Quicksmart consists of three 30-minute, one on one, lessons a week. Sessions are intensive and have a consistent structure to ensure accelerated learning. The increased skill level and confidence of students supports the research, confirming the effectiveness of this programme. 


Lexile Reading Years 3-5

Lexile is a computer-based resource that encourages and monitors student’s reading. Students are matched perfectly with texts at their level through a comprehensive online test. They are more motivated to read books with Lexile, as they enjoy the integration of ICT and have the opportunity to accrue points and work towards a goal.

Our Middle Primary students enjoy this more mature approach to reading and comprehension and are experiencing great success.


Gross Motor Skills Program

Our younger Nativity School students benefit from the Gross Motor Skills programme run by the Campus. This programme called’ “Fun and Games”, runs three mornings a week and helps students improve the co-ordination of their gross motor skills.