Student Wellbeing

Counselling at School of the Nativity

A counselling service is available to all our students and their families from Reception to Year 7. 

Referrals for children can be made in one of three ways:

·         Self-referral by students (specifically in Years 5-7)

·         Referral by a staff member

·         Referral by parents / caregivers.

(Parental permission is required for students in Reception to Year 4.)

How can counselling be helpful at Primary School level?

Counsellors listen carefully to children to find out how they feel, what they think about, what they enjoy and dislike, and what they are confused about.  They can help children to make sense of things that seem confusing or upsetting.

Counsellors can help children to feel better about themselves and make changes in their lives.  They can help children find their strengths and help with solving problems.

Counsellors can also talk with family members about issues affecting their children.

Common issues students present with include difficulties with friendships, grief, assertiveness and anxiety.

For further information or to make an appointment, contact, or contact your child’s teacher.



Everyone Matters and Connects at Nativity (EMAC) is a program to strengthen relationships in our school community.  It engages students in defining established and new values and the development of intra and interpersonal social skills.



At Nativity we plan and participate in EMAC to . . .

  • strengthen connections between students across year levels
  • build a stronger community that is based on collaborative relationships
  • learn positive attitudes, values, and skills through peer modelling
  • learn to share, to help, to comfort, and to empathise with others
  • encourage peer relationships that have a strong influence on achievement
  • encourage peer relationships that are a powerful influence on a child's development of identity and autonomy
  • develop leadership capacity in students so that they can be proactive members of our community


Year 7 Leadership

·         Year 7 students are actively involved in learning about the roles, responsibilities and qualities of leadership.

·         Through health lessons, students are directed to plan a small group activity to present to the R-6 students at Nativity.


Reception – Year 6

·         Students are grouped across classes into R-3 and 4-6 groups giving students an opportunity to develop relationships outside their immediate class group.

·         EMAC groups meet every second week during term 3 (alternating between R-3 and 4-6 each week).

·         Students are actively involved in activities that engage students in developing meaningful relationships and social skills.